By law, the Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) is required to execute a research agenda to better understand the effects of adult-use cannabis in Massachusetts. The purpose is to assist with science-based policy recommendations especially regarding public health, public safety, and social equity, and inform future decisions that would aid in the closure of the illicit marketplace.

The Commission’s Research Department is tasked with fulfilling this requirement and produces reports that are available to the public. Examples of the research agenda include an assessment of:

  • Patterns of use, methods of consumption, sources of purchase, and general perceptions of marijuana among minors, among college and university students, and among adults;
  • Incidents of impaired driving, hospitalization, and use of other healthcare services related to cannabis use;
  • Quantifiable level of marijuana-induced impairment of motor vehicle operation;
  • Financial impacts on the state healthcare system of hospitalizations related to cannabis;
  • Economic and fiscal impacts for state and local governments including the impact of legalization on the production and distribution of marijuana in the illicit market and the costs and benefits to state and local revenue;
  • Ownership and employment trends in the cannabis industry examining participation by racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic subgroups, including identification of barriers to participation in the industry;
  • Expansion or contraction of the illicit marketplace and the expansion or contraction of the legal marketplace, including estimates and comparisons of pricing and product availability in both markets;
  • Incidents of discipline in schools, including suspensions or expulsions, resulting from marijuana use or possession of marijuana or marijuana products;
  • Civil penalties, arrests, prosecutions, incarcerations and sanctions imposed for violations of chapter 94C for possession, distribution or trafficking of cannabis or cannabis products, including the age, race, gender, country of origin, state geographic region, and average sanctions of the persons charged.


Published Commission Research Reports

Public Health

Public Safety

Social Equity

Safety Tips

Safety Tip

If marijuana becomes a problem, seek treatment.

Visit the Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline or call 800-327-5050. The Helpline is the only statewide, public resource for finding substance use treatment and recovery services. Helpline services are free and confidential. Caring, trained Specialists will help you understand the treatment system and your options.

Keep cannabis products locked away, and out of reach of children and pets.

Remember: Getting high could impair your decision-making.

Check in with your doctor if you are using marijuana and are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Driving with cannabis in your vehicle? Always keep it in a closed container locked in your glove box or trunk.

Start low and go slow with edibles! They can take one to four hours to take effect.

Always get a ride when using cannabis. Never get behind the wheel.

Only adults 21 or older can purchase, consume, or grow adult-use cannabis.

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